BBC英语一分钟: Mustn't 和 Don't have to的区别

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BBC Learning English in A Minute一分钟英语节目,今天合乐彩票来学习mustn't 和 don't have to的区别。

Mustn't vs Don't have to

Mustn't 和 Don't have to

Hi guys! This is Kee from BBC Learning English. Today, I'm going to tell you the differences between mustn't and don't have to.

嗨,大家好!我是BBC的基. 今天合乐彩票来学习mustn't 和 don't have to的区别。

Now, must and have to are similar in meaning. They are both used to describe obligations. However, their negative forms are completely different in meaning.

must和have to的意思相近,都可以用于描述责任义务。然而,这两者的否定形式的意义却大相径庭。

We still use mustn't to talk about obligations. For example: In the house, I mustn't wear shoes. You know, to keep the house clean.


But don't have to does not describe obligations, so the choice is yours! For example, if your teacher said: you don't have to do your 合乐彩票work, well... then choice is yours. You can say: Alright, I won't!

但don't have to并没有这个功能,所以你可以选择!例如,你的老师说:你做不做作业都可以,好吧...你有选择权。你可以说:好的,那就不做了!

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